How are O-Rings Selected for Various Purposes?

In the manufacturing world, there is always the need for several products and one among them is a seal. The most commonly found seals are O-rings. They have a simple design yet are able to serve the purpose really well. By definition, O-ring is an object made out of an elastomer and resembles the shape of a doughnut.

Lusida Rubber Company manufactures these rings and supplies them to various industries. O-rings are not costly but at the same time they are quite easy to install. The sealing ability of these rings is superb. O-rings are divided into two main types and they are:
•Static seals
•Dynamic seals

With static seals there is nil or very little movement between the mating surfaces. Dynamic seals are meant for applications in which there is relative motion between the surfaces. Both these seals are manufactured by Lusida Rubber Products Inc.

The selection of O-ring is based on the following factors:
•Chemical compatibility
•Application temperature
•Sealing pressure
•Lubrication requirements

Apart from the above, the material used in making it and the different sizes are also taken into consideration. Manufacturers like Lusida Rubber Products Inc. produce good quality O-rings and the credit goes to their experience.

O-rings are the most commonly found seals in the manufacturing world. These rings are divided into two main types and they are Static seals and Dynamic seals. The selection of O-ring is based on a number of factors.