Lusida Rubber Products:- Applications of Closed Cell Sponge Rubber

Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. is highly specialized in the production of Closed Cell Sponge Rubber. They are manufactured from authentic neoprene polymer. Majority of the Closed Cell Sponge Rubber comply with the flame rating UL 94HF-1. It functions effectively from -40 degree Fahrenheit to one hundred and fifty eight Fahrenheit. They are also capable of withstanding extreme temperatures at 200 degree Fahrenheit.  Closed Cell Sponge Rubber is impervious to alkalis, acids, ozone and light oil. This makes it one of the perfect choices for door gaskets.

What is meant by the term ‘Closed Cell blended Sponge Rubber’?

Closed Cell Blended Sponge Rubber is produced from a combination of SBR and EPDM. These components are widely supplied for manufactured of sponge gaskets. A Closed Cell Blended Sponge Rubber meets flame rating of UL 94HF-1 and would take a temperature of 70 degree Fahrenheit. However, it is not resistant to oil and below average when compared to neoprene sponge products.

Closed Cell EPDM Sponge Rubber does not comply with the UL flame ratings under the absence of additives. It is not resistant to oil and fuels. But one of the advantages with respect to Closed Cell EPDM Sponge Rubber is that it can survive in external conditions including ozone, water, and indirect sunlight.

A Closed cell sponge is used in a variety of industrial applications. Lusida Rubber Products are highly specialized in the customization of rubber products tailored to meet the user’s requirements.

Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. focuses on manufacturing rubber products that comply with the needs and requirements of the customers around the world.